applause, applause
 Outstanding performer for the week of Aug. 16
 Soap Opera Weekly, September 14, 2004, p. 34. Photo by Robert Milazzo; inset photo: PGP. 
 Hooray to As The World Turns for signing Mary Beth Evans to a contract, because that
means her character will be around more. Every time Sierra returns to Oakdale,
Evans steals the show—which was exactly what happened this week.

Sierra, As the World Turns


Sierra was at first exasperated when she opened her door to Lily (spewing her
belief that Sierra’s dead husband Alan was behind Lucy’s kidnapping) so she
spun around and continued packing to avoid eye contact. There was no emotion
on Evans’ face as Sierra coldly informed Lily that she didn’t need her help with
funeral arrangements—or anything else, thank you very much.

“You are not losing a sister, but I just don’t know how to be around you,”
struggled Sierra, who blew up the moment Lily uttered Alan’s name. The shouting
led to tears, and few on daytime can cry like Evans. The tears were real, not
forced, and she bit her lip as if trying to hold herself together. “I’m not going to
stop until I find out everything. And maybe after I uncover all of that, we can be
close again,” she muttered.

Evans’ body was stiff and unresponsive when Lily pulled Sierra into a hug. Evans
showed a brief glimpse of Sierra’s pain as she pressed her damp eyes closed. Then
Lily pulled away, and Evans was the distant Sierra again: Her arms were crossed,
her lips were pursed and she could only shake her head and let tears fall when Lily
reiterated her love. Only when Lily was gone did Evans let out a wail and wipe
the tears from her drenched cheeks.


ATWT has promoted a big story for Sierra and if it’s anything like this, we can’t
wait. * —–TL