Carolyn’s Corner

Soap Opera Weekly, June 20, 2006

By Carolyn Hinsey                                                    

Carolyn:  What are your first scenes?

Mary Beth:  Phone calls with her mother and Jennifer from her apartment in Los Angeles, and then big party scenes with the whole cast. It was fun.

Carolyn:  So, 15 years ago we saw an empty casket and knew Patch didn’t die, but Kayla didn’t?

Mary Beth:  Right. She moved to Los Angeles and went to medical school and became a doctor, and raised her daughter [Stephanie]. I’m glad they made her a professional because I love role models for girls. They’ve made her strong and educated and smart. She can be a doctor.  She can be president!

Carolyn:  You kept in touch with Stephen Nichols all these years, right?

Mary Beth:  Yes, we were on GH together. He and I are really good friends. Even when we weren’t working together we’d meet for lunch.

Carolyn:  Are you nervous about going back after so many years?

Mary Beth:  It’s funny — we watched a tape of one of the flashbacks I have on the show from 17 years ago.  At first I didn’t want to because I thought I was going to look so old compared to that, but it was actually kind of beautiful. That story was so sweet. It was good for us to see it, but he said, “I don’t know if I can live up to that.” We have always felt there was more to tell with that story, so we’re excited to work hard and find the nuances and connect.

Carolyn:  Kayla’s a Brady; but who is Patch still related to in Salem?

Mary Beth:  Matt Ashford [Jack] is the only one. Joy Garrett [Jo] died [in 1993].

Carolyn:  And Judi Evans isn’t Adrienne anymore. She’s Bonnie!

Mary Beth:  Yeah, but the way DAYS is, they could recast Adrienne with somebody else and all three of them can be in a scene together.

Carolyn: They just had Wayne Northrop back as somebody totally different from Roman.

Mary Beth:  That’s what I’m saying. I turned the show on one day and it was Wayne, and Drake [Hogestyn] and Josh [Taylor] all lined up in a row and I thought that was so hilarious. They’ve all been Roman! They don’t care.

Carolyn: Did DAYS write Stephanie Kay’s birth in because you were pregnant in real life?

Mary Beth:  Yes.  My daughter, who is now 16, was Patch and Kayla’s daughter. We showed my real Ultrasound on the show. During the delivery they were like, “You’ve got that big belly anyway. Let’s have it out.” So they had my big belly out during the delivery, like you would ever do that. It was pretty funny.

Carolyn:  Who were you most excited to see again at DAYS?

Mary Beth: I was so glad Missy [Reeves, Jen] was there, because I know she’s leaving and I really wanted to see her. I make apple pies and she’s like, ‘I make pies too.’ She’s moving to Nashville, so I’m like, ‘We should get a franchise going.’ We’re similar parents, totally into crafts and cooking.

Carolyn:  Two of DAYS biggest stars are going into the pie business?

Mary Beth:  Well, I already have a pie business.

Carolyn:  Get out of here.

Mary Beth:  I do! It’s on my Web site, My husband dared me to make this pie and sell it, so I did. I sent out 500 postcards in my area and for Thanksgiving I did 100 pies that I made in my kitchen. I said, “For $5 I take it to your house.” That was the hardest money I earned in my entire life, but it was great for my kids to see. You can have a dopey little idea and make a business out of it through hard work and perseverance.

Carolyn:  I am on your web site now -– there it is.

Mary Beth:  See that little video of me making the pie? Stephen Nichols shot it! He came up with the lights and the music and put it on there. It’s been a huge success out of nowhere. My first day back at Days, I had to be at work at 1:00, and I spent the whole morning shipping pies before I went. It was hilarious! Somebody help me!