FYI-Mary Beth Evans

Kayla, Days of Our Lives

Soap Opera Weekly, August 15, 2006

Recent fad I admit to trying:  Eat right for your blood type.

Favorite actor:  Andy Garcia.

Favorite movie:  The Notebook; I watch it with my daughter.

Greatest fear:  Heights.

Favorite singer:  Barry White.

If I could only keep one household appliance, it would be:  Coffeemaker.

Something you’d be surprised to know about me:  I always carry about 10 lipsticks in my purse.

Favorite book:  Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

Favorite food:  Grilled salmon.

Least favorite food:  Creamed spinach.

Nobody knows I can:  Hold eight quarters on my upper lip.

Favorite item of clothing:  Shoes.

Greatest achievement:  Three kids that are well-adjusted and kind.

If I couldn’t be an actor, I’d be:  A decorator.

Cause I most believe in:  Women’s rights.

Last thing I do before I go to bed:  Always wash my face.

Best quality:  Happy most of the time.

Worst quality:  Too gullible.

Biggest regret:  I didn’t take typing lessons.

If I could live anywhere, it’d be:  Right where I do.

Celebrity I’m often mistaken for:  Meg Ryan – It’s the hair.

What I dislike the most about my appearance:  My fat feet.

Quality I like most in a mate:  Sense of humor.

My first kiss:  Jeff Lenard in the sixth grade.

Best one word or short phrase that describes me:  Optimistic.

Language I wish I could speak:  Spanish.

If I could be on a TV show for one month, I’d choose:  I Love Lucy.

A talent I wish I possessed:  Being a great singer.

Three things I would take to a deserted island:  Water, water and more water.

Favorite ice cream flavor:  Chocolate.

Favorite vacation spot:  Hawaii.

First person I would thank in my Oscar acceptance speech:  My husband.

Favorite pizza topping:  Arugula and Parmesan cheese.

What I would title my autobiography:  A Triage Way of Life.