Like Mother, Like Son

Soap Opera Weekly, February 25, 1997

Forget all that stuff about boys wanting to play with action figures or computer games.  Mary Beth Evans (Katherine, GENERAL HOSPITAL) reveals that her 9-year-old, Danny, has taken up a more novel pastime – crocheting.

“I started crocheting at work,” Mary Beth says.  “Georgia (Grado) in out makeup department taught me.  I was doing it at home one day and the next thing I knew Danny wanted to learn.  So I got him a crochet hook and yarn, and he started going at it.”

When Danny informed his mom that he wanted to bring his supplies to school to crochet during recess, Mary Beth was a tad apprehensive, and for good reason.  “Some kid started teasing him.  ‘What are you, a grandma?’”  Mary Beth recounts.  “I told Danny to tell him Rosie Grier needlepoints, and he’s a big football player.  But, of course, Danny doesn’t know who Rosie Grier is.”

Fortunately, the ribbing didn’t keep Danny from his hobby.  “He made this cute little pouch with a waistband around it.  Now he wears it to class and carries his money in it.  His teacher thinks it’s amazing,” she says.  “On parent/teacher night she said, ‘Danny told me you’re going to teach me how to crochet.’  Actually, if she gets 22 crocheting needles, I’ll give the whole class a lesson.”