Mary Beth on Soap Talk, Monday, December 13, 2004

 Ty Treadway:  Our first guest became daytime royalty when she portrayed the sweeter half of the infamous Patch and Kayla on Days of Our Lives  (shows photo of Mary Beth and Stephen as Patch and Kayla).  Now after nearly 20 successful years in daytime she’s taken up permanent residence in Oakdale.  Take a look (Shows clip of MB and Hunt Block on ATWT).

Lisa Rina:  Please Welcome from As the World Turns, Mary Beth Evans.

Applause as Mary Beth comes out.

Mary Beth:  (As she walks out to Lisa).  I see you all the time.

Mary Beth: (To Ty) How are you?  Nice to see you again. (They hug).

Ty:  Nice to see you.

Mary Beth:  (To Lisa) We’re like old friends, right.

Lisa: (They hug)  How are you?

Mary Beth:  I’m good, good. 

They all sit.

Lisa:  Welcome.

Mary Beth:  Thank you.

Lisa:  Welcome.  Last time I saw you was at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York at like  eleven o’clock at night  and we were checking in.

Mary Beth:  Looking beautiful, weren’t we?  (Laughing)

Lisa:  Yes, cause you had just gotten the role.

Mary Beth:  I’ve been doing this part actually for four years.

Lisa:  Oh.

Mary Beth:  And staying at the Soho Grand Hotel  that time was the last time I stayed in the hotel and then now since I’ve gone contract and I go there every week I’ve rented an apartment.

Lisa:  You did.

Ty:  What exactly happened?  Because I had heard you were going to One Life to Live and then next thing you know you’re on contract with As the World Turns.

Mary Beth:  Crazy, huh?

Ty:  Yeah.

Mary Beth:  It was actually very simple.  They….I was on sort of a break from As the World Turns and they said it will probably be a few months before we have you back and then One Life called and they said hey we’d like for you to come on and do this show.  I said let me call As the World Turns cause I didn’t want to burn any bridges and I love them there.

Ty:  Right.

Mary Beth:  And…and they said go have fun and call us when you’re done.  So, I said okay.  And then a few weeks later, well a week later they called and said no they’d like to put me on contract actually and really write for you if you can make the trip. I said yes and Peyton List was leaving her apartment and she said I’m leaving this apartment and her manager said if you wire money to this number you can have it.  So I rented it sight unseen and it was all so crazy and I kept thinking this was great except I have three kids and I live in California.  (she laughs)  It was all so crazy.

Ty:  Yeah, except I have this whole other life that I’m leading in California.

Lisa:  How are you doing that commute?

Mary Beth:  Well, it’s funny.  I was telling your producer the other day, oh it’s great, all so great, I’m drinking water, I’m….  And then I was on a public bus coming home the other day in New York and this guy coughed and my whole hair kind of blew up and I thought…now I have a terrible cold.

Lisa:  Of course you do.

Ty:  Ahhhhh.

Mary Beth:  So I’m…so now…you know.

Lisa: That would be the hardest part probably.

Mary Beth:  Staying well.

Lisa:  Is staying well, because the kids…. How do the kids handle it?

Mary Beth:  Well, my kids are older.  You’ve seen them.  We used to run into each other in Mexican restaurants. The kids were all there (Shows a photo MB’s children).

Lisa:  All the time, that’s right. We used to see each other all the time. How do they feel about it?

Mary Beth:  Everybody was excited and they thought it was fun and sort of thought the adventure of it would be fun for me.  And they really thought an apartment in New York and we can come and go shopping and hang out.  So this week is actually the first time they are coming and my husband has really stepped up to the plate and he rushes home from work to go to everyone’s sporting things and whatever (Shows photo of MB with hubby, Michael).  And the kids have had to rise to the occasion too because you know, it’s a sort of family thing.  And it’s kind of neat to support someone in the family doing something. And my kids have always been proud and happy for me and we sort of want them to have those feelings for people.

Lisa:  And they grew up with you working.

Mary Beth:  Absolutely.

Lisa:  I mean you’ve always worked.

Mary Beth:  Actually when Kayla and Patch had their first love scene I was 6 months pregnant.

Ty:  Oh, really.

Mary Beth:  Yeah, they would put me in these like half slips that were supposed to go to the floor and they would just pull it up here, you know and he would walk in and I would drop my clothes and they would say so you feel and look sexy.  You know and I was well…..(she uses her hands to show how big her stomach looked).

Lisa:  Well, strange.

Mary Beth:  It’s very strange.

Lisa:  Did you do a love scene when you were pregnant?

Mary Beth:  Very.  And it’s happened to me several times.

Lisa:  Yeah.

Mary Beth:  Yeah, and bigger and bigger. (laughing)

Lisa:  At least 3.

Ty:  Hopefully no more than 3.

Mary Beth: Yeah, that’s it.

Ty:  So how long have you been married?  You’ve been married, what 20…..20 years almost?

Mary Beth:  19.  We just celebrated our 19th.

Applause from the audience.

Ty:  19!  Wow. And you guys met while your husband and you met while you were doing a play, right? (Shows photo of them)

Mary Beth:  I started at South Coast Reparatory Theatre in Orange County and he came to visit someone that was in the play and she introduced us and it really was love at first sight.  And I was 19.  I had never seen snow fall and I moved to Chicago in January.  What does that tell you, it’s love, right?

Ty:  How fast was the transition from…?

Mary Beth:  I met him the end of September and moved there January 1st.

Ty:  So, it was pretty quick.

Lisa:  Wow.

Ty:  And you were a California girl.

Mary Beth:  I really…I had an ocean front, you know ocean view apartment and I moved to the back of a brownstone in Chicago.  It was…it was crazy.

Ty:  Wow, you better love a man for that.

Mary Beth:  But thank God he came back here and did his residency here and soon afterward I started working here.

Ty:  I want to talk to you about Patch and Kayla.

Mary Beth:  (nods)

Lisa:  When we come back we will talk to Mary Beth Evans about Patch and Kayla.

They go to commercial.

Lisa:  Hi.  We’re back with Mary Beth Evans.  And we mentioned Patch and Kayla, let’s talk about it.

Mary Beth:  (laughs)  It will never die. 

Lisa:  Never die.

Shows photo of Patch and Kayla.

Ty: You were such a huge supercouple.

Mary Beth:  I hope it never does.

Lisa:  Why should it?

Mary Beth:  Look at that soap couple.  Oh, that is a funny picture.  Look at that I think I was pregnant there. I look pregnant there.

Ty:  Did you know at the time what a big phenomenon this was?

Mary Beth:  No, of course not.  I don’t think anybody knows what’s going to happen, but I was paired with him from the very first day, very first day.   And he came in to read with me and he had this scar and the patch and took it all very seriously, the leather jacket and I was thinking wow, wow.  (Shows photo of Patch and Kayla)  But we had a lot of chemistry right from the start and huh we are still…we are great friends. When I would have kids he would come to the hospital and hold them, he was so sweet, so sweet.

Lisa:  Ahhhh.

Mary Beth:  I had problems actually with one of my pregnancies and he drove me to the doctor cause it happened during the day when we were working.

Ty:  When you were taping.

Mary Beth:  Yeah, and he had to sit there with me. I actually with my second, my daughter I had placenta previa. I don’t know if you can say that out loud.  And he drove me to the doctor and I went through a whole period where I was picked up at my house and brought in a wheelchair to the set and I kind of crawled to this chair and did my scenes sitting down and then they put me back in the wheelchair to drive me home, you know.

Lisa:  Wow.

Ty:  You’re not allowed to get sick during daytime.

Mary Beth:  No.

Ty:  But you do it anyway.

Mary Beth:  And finally the doctor said you can’t, you have to stay home now and be bedridden. And I said but I can’t I’m on a continuing drama.  I can’t.

Ty:  I’m Kayla.

Mary Beth:  Yeah.  And they recast the part.

Lisa:  They did?

Mary Beth: They had someone else come in for a while, yeah.  But we are still great friends.

 Ty:  It must have been an unbelievably hard time when Stephen Nichols left the show?

Mary Beth:  It was sad.

Ty:  Yeah.

Mary Beth:  But, but like I said we’ve remained great friends and  then he came to General Hospital when I was there and we still see each other now.  I mean now we meet up for lunch and…..He just did a movie that he wrote and directed and it’s in the festivals now, the circuit. So, he’s a very talented guy so he’ll….

Ty:  I heard or at least I’ve read how you’ve talked about how very idealistic you were at the time or you thought you were very idealistic and you were very committed to Patch and Kayla. Do you think that you were doing the right thing being that committed or do  you think that at that point you should have been more open to Kayla moving on in her life?

Mary Beth: I think I didn’t know better probably was a lot of it. You know as we get older in daytime we say whatever, give me the script I’ll make it work, I don’t care, who am I with, I don’t care.

Lisa:  But you got to work with Charles Shaughnessy after that. (Shows his photo)

Mary Beth:  Yes and we were great friends too. That was funny too we were great  friends the whole time on the show. It’s funny when we had our first kiss  I would just be hysterically laughing  and it really kind of got to him.  Until finally he said just grab me and kiss me and he said there, I just had to know you could do it without laughing.  Because we were such good friends it just felt silly like it was my brother, but we had a great time.

Ty:  I know the last time you were here you talked about your Christmas traditions about doing the family Christmas card very year. You guys…you guys…

Mary Beth:  Yeah, it’s a big thing with my friends.  I don’t know about you guys but we all take pictures with our kids and if you don’t see your friends for a year or two years if you get that picture every year you go, Oh my God…

Ty:  That’s what they really look like,  I miss them.

Lisa:  Don’t you love it?

Mary Beth:  And I have to say I have them displayed all over my kitchen because I feel like they work so hard I’m not going to just toss it right, so but me it’s really fun to take a minute and say oh look how big they’ve gotten, so uh I do it too. And one year my husband and used to take the pictures and my older son has always been kind of a pistol and finally my husband said that’s it you’re out of the picture, you’re out! And my son  said you can’t kick me out of the Christmas picture, you can’t you know,  so I actually, they got on this different..on a swing in our yard but we kind of live in an area where people can’t see, but I mooned them.

Ty:  You mooned them?

Mary Beth:  And then they all laughed and then they all…I wish I had it but I didn’t bring that picture but…

Lisa:  I’ve got to try that, I’m going to try that.

Mary Beth:  It was so funny their laughs were so genuine and so cute.  It looked like our kids loved us, everything was beautiful and…

Ty:  That is so funny.

Lisa: Very cute.

Ty:  Meanwhile mom is mooning the kids.

Mary Beth: That’s right.

Lisa:  Remember that.

Ty:  I will.

Mary Beth:  Yeah.  So this last year every year I had either gotten someone to do the picture or we took the picture and I would pay whatever money to have a Christmas card made and this last year I was kind of behind so I actually, you know it was the week before Christmas so I thought I’ll just take a photo with my digital camera and I’ll go buy some card, paper and I made my own. But I hand wrote it with silver ink on a piece of red paper with a picture and it looked absolutely as good as any one I had bought.

Ty:  At a fraction of the price.

Mary Beth:  Yes, so now I’m hooked.

Lisa: And there’s love in it.

Mary Beth: And now I’m hooked and not spending the money anymore. It’s easier to do it yourself.

Ty:  Well you know what?  Lisa and I need to make cards so we’re coming to you.

Mary Beth:  Okay.

Lisa:  Yeah, I have my picture already.

Mary Beth:  I have a lot of glue sticks and things.

Lisa:  I have the pictures so I’ll just bring it to you and you can help me.  Thank you so much for joining us today.

Mary Beth:  Good to see you again. (She and Lisa shake hands and hug.)

Ty:  It’s always great to see you. (She shakes Ty’s hand.)

Lisa:  Good luck on As the World Turns.

Mary Beth:  Yeah, yeah.  (They laugh.)          

Ty:  We’ll be right back.

Later on John J. York, who was on GH with Mary Beth  came out and said, “I have a picture of Mary Beth’s butt and I’m selling it on Ebay.”