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“Make a Commitment to Yourselves Moms,” New Blog on Hybrid Mom

April 15, 2010 / Posted by in News


 The other day when I set out to make the video for Hybrid Mom’s mother’s Day contest, I really got to thinking about how things go…especially with motherhood. ……. 

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  1. Shaz says:

    Though what you say is true for most moms, I think women in general, especially the more nurturing ones, are prone to the same behaviors; taking care of the rest of the world and putting themselves last. I’m guilty myself, but every now and again I try to remember to do for me..

    Last month I decided to take a mental health weekend. I debated the cost, but finally concluded if I don’t take time I’ll implode. Along with the trip to the Big Easy I decided I needed to tone up a bit. So after five years of injury and illness, I’m back to working out at least once daily (I’m doing it for me not vanity). It gets a lot harder the older you get. Maybe I’ll even make the time to go to the nail salon before I fly out…maybe.

    Of course I’ll actively do for myself until someone else is in need, then I’ll put myself aside for them. Call it a personality flaw, but it’s who I am and I have no hope of breaking the cycle, nor do I really think I want to.

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