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Dr. Michael Schwartz has a new blog, “The Lunchtime Lift……” on Hybrid Mom

April 17, 2010 / Posted by in News

Mary Beth’s hubby, Dr. Michael Schwartz has a new blog up on Hybrid Mom, “The Lunchtime Lift: Drive-thru Takeout or Quality Meal?”  Interesting reading! 

Many patients ask me about ‘lunchtime’ lifts, minilifts and microlifts, while many other patients appear in my office after having already had these.  There seems to be a marketing blitz for mini-procedures in facelifting, because unfortunately, most people would rather hear that they just have a small problem and that dramatic results will ensue from a mini or lunchtime lift.  It is natural to seek out a procedure that promises minimal anesthesia, minimal time, instant return to work, and miraculous results.  For more go to:


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