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“Old Friends and New Opportunities,” New Hybrid Mom Blog

April 29, 2010 / Posted by in News

It’s funny how life is…how we fear change and when “our life plan” changes it really throws us.  We think, “that’s it, I quit.”  Whether it’s in love, relationships, work…whatever.  That concept always throws me. QUIT…????  I have had single friends who get sick of dating and say they’re done, closing themselves off and missing opportunities. I definitely think you put out different vibes and it effects the path your life takes……..


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  1. Shaz says:

    Ms. Evans it’s wonderful that your life has taken a path where such optimism is possible. From what you’ve said you have a pretty solid marriage, three great kids and an extensive support system. Not to mention you’re most likely financially stable. It’s easier to take chances and make changes when you have a safety net. I’m not saying that changes aren’t scary regardless of the situation, but at least if you fall/fail you have someone to help you back up. When you don’t have that support, trying and failing can have much different results, it can actually be fatal at times.

    I’m that single women who has given up on dating. I’ve been on one date since the fall of 2000 (a head scratcher for many). The last thing I want is someone who has it all telling me to “keep trying”, “put myself out there”, “take a chance”, etcetera. When it happens I politely smile, yet all the while think, ‘what the heck does this person know, he/she isn’t even in the game’. Ultimately I don’t discuss the topic with that person again and hesitate to have any discussion of depth for fear he/she is unable or unwilling to see things from my perspective.

    The video is cute. Charles Shaughnessy is such a ham! I’ve been reading his blog. Though I don’t think I’d go drinking with him, I can respect how passionate he is about his beliefs. Come to think of it, I sworn off all interaction with British men years ago (the last British-born actor I met I slapped…and then we went drinking).

    I look forward to seeing the 80s/90s characters again and seeing what DAYS does to honor Ms. Reid. There are a couple of nice fan tributes on YouTube as well as one done by her family and spans her life.


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