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Let’s Help “The Bay” Kickstarter Fund!

August 20, 2010 / Posted by in News

To encourage fans to give to The Bay’s Kickstarter Fundraiser for the Season Finale we will give away a The Bay poster autographed by most of the cast. For every $5 you give we will add your name to the pot. Give $5 and you have one chance, give $25 and you have 5 chances and so on. The more you give the better chance you get to win the poster. We also have someone who will match up to $1000 the money given so PLEASE join in the fun! Use Paypal and mark gift so no fees will be taken out and submit to MBEWebsite@aol.com. Drawing will be on September 4th  at 12 noon PDT. ALL money will be given to the Kickstarter fund.

PS We’ve had someone else offer to match up to $1000  and donate another signed poster!!  This gives us the potential to raise $3000 + for The Bay!!!  PLEASE GIVE!!!


 Mary Beth has agreed to take the top two contributors out to dinner on September 25th (the weekend of the event for her and Stephen). If you aren’t in LA then she has agreed to call the winner(s).

If the $15,000 overall Kickstarter goal is not met, I will give you the option of refunding your money or if you would like to donate the money it will go in full to Gregori and The Bay. We must reach the $15,000 goal for MB to take two people out to dinner or make the phone calls.

To everyone who makes a donation, Mary Beth’s Official Website will give an autographed photo of Mary Beth also if the goal is met.

Hope this helps make it more fun and we raise more money!!!


  1. Sherry says:

    As of today we have given $4147 to the Kickstarter Fund for “The Bay.” There’s only 10 days left to give to the fund. We are almost there with $9638 of the $15,000 given. If you can please read the above instructions and give!!

  2. Sherry says:

    Just added another $280 from MBE fans making a total of $4142 given! Total is now at $9588!!! Let’s see if we can get it past the $10,000 mark today!!!

  3. Sherry says:

    As of today we have $3695 given, having met the $1000 in donations. Please give what you can. We would like to reach $5,000. Many fans are collecting loose change lying around the house and we had a great idea from Kathy about collecting cans and cashing them in. Remember EVERYONE who donates will get an 8×10 autographed photo of Mary Beth!

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