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Filming CBS’s “Criminal Minds”

August 25, 2010 / Posted by in News

Mary Beth is shooting an episode of the CBS police drama, Criminal Minds.  The series follows a team of profilers from the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) at Quantico, Virginia. Criminal Minds differs from many procedural dramas by focusing on the criminal rather than the crime itself.

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  1. Shaz says:

    I love Criminal Minds! They have an incredible ensemble cast who portray diverse well-written characters who each bring something unique to the table!

    Oh the possibilities!!!! Will Ms. Evans’ character be on the side of good or evil? Victim, villain, witness or cop/agent? Or family member to a team member?

    These are just my thoughts… My bet would be on the side of good, but with a potential for evil.

    Victim: Stalked by someone killing women with similar looks or backgrounds or the object of the obsession.

    Villain: Scorned wife/girlfriend/friend/coworker turned murderer…intellectual and organized, uses innocent looks to gain trust…weapon of choice: poison. I can’t see Ms. Evans as a vicious killer, so if the character is, we’ll only see the aftermath. Please don’t take this as an insult, but rather a simple critique, her temper flares I’ve seen actually made me chuckle. (I admit I’m a passionate Italian-French-American prone to putting my point across rather zealously and emphatically.) Considering what I’ve read about Ms. Evans it would seem she doesn’t have much of a natural heated temper. Though I’d make a sizeable bet Stephen Nichols does… 😉

    Witness: Emotional bordering on hysterical…needs to be handled with kid-gloves. Or possibly completely detached and unemotional, which can be more powerful. I doubt the character would be in the middle of the spectrum.

    Cop/agent: I just can’t see it. Every cop, FBI/NCIS agent, sheriff, trooper, etc I know has a certain edge. It maybe be kept just under the surface, but it’s there even in the most seemingly laidback/caring person. I just can’t see Ms. Evans playing this type of role convincingly, nothing personal.

    Family member (my preferred option): JJ’s older perfect sister/cousin. JJ is the tomboy who didn’t get the family’s approval for her choice of social activities, profession or to have a child without being married. Ms. Evans would be the one who did everything without flaws, school, profession, marriage, civic involvement… but in the end it’s found out she has several skeletons…she destroyed people to get what she wanted regardless of how close they were to her, a stark contrast to JJ who would do anything to protect her team and family.

    I look forward to seeing the episode, but then again I look forward to seeing all Criminal Minds episodes 😉

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