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Mary Beth’s Thank You for Patchy Claus Donations

January 7, 2011 / Posted by in News


Jane, Debra, Jayne, Anne, Carole, Georgene, Fiona, Lynn, Maddy, Judy, Mandy, Stephanie, Kristen, Terry, Rachel, Becky, Erica,  Phyllis, Sue, Sandra, Cheryl, John, Kathy, Betty, Hilary, Jessica and Sherry.

You are all truly amazing!  I am sorry it has taken me so long to get a note out to you all…We have been away in the mountains of Colorado.  Most of the time we had no internet and half the time no cell service.  The biggest deal though was and is, all my kids are home from all over the place and I have been very busy being  mom!!

You are all so amazing.  With so many things that have come up over the years, so many donations of your time or money you guys never hesitate!  I think I can count on you more than some of my closest friends.  What a gift to have you all in my life ….Thank you all so much for getting on board with my sweet Katie and help her help others!!!

Cheers to 2011!!!

 See you soon!


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