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“Make a Connection,” Hybrid Mom Blog, October 28, 2010

Make a Connection  Thursday, October 28th, 2010 We’ve come to an interesting place in society that I can’t help but take notice of. With the advancement of technology has come the regression of human to human contact. Why call when you can text right? Wrong. There is a whole generation of kids who can barely look up from their cell phones long enough to look someone in the eye and say hello, let alone have meaningful human to human interaction. It’s even seeping into the older generations…everyone is on the go, no time to stop…even with their own families. When I was a little girl my mother tells me her friends kids would ask her to please get me to stop kissing them! My whole life I have been a very affectionate person…always a “body to body” hugger. When I met my husband Michael he was very affectionate too.  I would always sit on his lap to talk to him. Whenever he is in close proximity I am reaching out to hold his hand or touch his arm…make a connection. When our children were born, it was a huge new avenue for our love and affection.  We endlessly smothered them with love, kisses and hugs. I can never sit next them on the couch without a leg thrown over them or an arm around their neck. If my boys have a t-shirt on I...

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“Flying Without A Net,” CBS Soaps In Depth, October 25, 2010

Flying Without A Net By Kelli M. Larson CBS Soaps In Depth, October 25, 2010   Mary Beth Evans (Sierra) is turning the page on her daytime career     AS THE WORLD TURNS may have wrapped up production last June, but that’s hardly meant the end of Mary Beth Evans’ career in a serial drama.  This year alone, the former Sierra has appeared on three different soaps! Although she’d also left her role as DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ beleaguered Kayla in early 2009, Evans returned earlier this summer for a handful of episodes surrounding Alice Horton’s funeral and more...

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“Step Outside the Box,” October 14, 2010

Step Outside the Box Thursday, October 14th, 2010 It’s not often in all of our busy lives that we really step outside of our “boxes” and experience new things. Last month my husband and I got the opportunity to do just that when some friends of ours generously took us on a trip to Bora Bora. They have a boat moored there and they go monthly (nice I know). It was beyond fabulous and I got to experience so many new and exciting things. There was a chef on board and we ate amazingly! One day my husband caught a Mahi Mahi fish and they filleted it right on the back of the boat. They grilled some of it and made a raw Pokie salad with the rest for lunch. OMG…WOW! What a fun experience. The owners are big scuba divers and took us to endless “hot spots.” My husband Michael and I were certified on our honeymoon 25 years ago but this was like no other place we had been to. The water is crystal clear and the visibility is amazing! The amount of wildlife we were able to see was incredible. The first day they took us to an area with sharks which they said are harmless but I must say I was freaked out. I stayed all of about 8 minutes. The video below was just...

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“A Matter of Respect,” Hybrid Mom Blog, October 7, 2010

A Matter of Respect Thursday, October 7th, 2010 I’m never one who wants to beat a dead horse, but I must continue on my child rearing observations and tidbits.  The other morning I was at a friend’s house and there was crazy screaming and yelling coming from somewhere outside. After determining it was coming from her next-door neighbor I, like Mrs. Cravats, went out into the yard, pruning shearers in hand, and pretended I was clipping, trying to hear if it was some sort of domestic violence situation that I would I need to call the police about. It turned out to be a teenage daughter yelling and screaming at her mother, crying and slamming doors. The mother sounded fairly calm and it started to sound like this was a common occurrence.  Since my girlfriend was out of town I couldn’t get any background on the situation.  As I was headed to my car her other neighbor (who I know fairly well) told me that it was what it was and that it goes on all the time and they are totally out of control. She said, “You know how teenage girls are. Is your daughter like that”?  “ABSOLUTLY NOT,” I said.  First I told her I was lucky that my daughter was born sweet and never had an issue with us. BUT it never would have been that...

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“What Modivates You?,” Hybrid Mom Blog, September 30, 2010

What Motivates You? Thursday, September 30th, 2010 I think all of us from time to time get paralyzed when it comes to accomplishing things in our lives.  I’ll get this weird wrecking ball on my lap feeling, almost a little scared.  I procrastinate FOREVER!  It’s amazing how much I can putter around my house doing everything but what I need to.  What begins as a little procrastination can turn into a vicious cycle of not getting anything done. With my pie business, I stall forever.  Then I get a wave of ambition, call a bunch of contacts and follow up like a madman.  Jumping in is what seems to spur on more, but the initial leap can be so hard!  For me, exercise is the same way.  I start out everyday planning to do it, but if I don’t force myself or make plans with friends to do it together, I can so easily do ANYTHING else.  The mind games I play are really incredible.  The good thing is once you regularly get out and do it, you really do feel better and you begin to crave it. What helps me in those paralyzed times is to make a small list of the things I am trying to do.  Keep it close by and look at it often.  Try to do at least one thing…exercising everyday is a great starting...

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