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“Love! Pain! Outrage!” TV Guide, August 1, 1987

  Love! Pain! Outrage!A guide to the hottest triangles on daytime soaps  (edited to just include part of article of interest to Stephen & Mary Beth fans) On Days of Our Lives, all eyes are on Kayla, Patch, and Jack. Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), a registered nurse, and Patch (Stephen Nichols), a troubled man with a difficult childhood he can’t seem to put behind him, care deeply for each other. But Patch, blinded in one eye, just can’t accept the reality that Kayla loves him, and keeps shoving her away. Jack, meanwhile, the suave, wee-to-do son of a senator, has come to town and is hot for Kayla. Until recently, what added to the tension was the audience’s painful awareness that Kayla and Patch couldn’t manage to consummate their relationship. Every time they tried, something intervened. A while ago, for instance, Patch was unzipping Kayla’s dress, when someone knocked on the door, delivering secret documents that reveled that Patch once was hired to do surveillance on Kayla. Kayla got angry and wouldn’t have anything to do with him for several weeks. Another time, they were together when the building they were in exploded and collapsed on top of them, trapping them together in the rubble for three days. Unfortunately, Kayla became unconscious. Finally, last month, Kayla and Patch’s (as well as the audience’s) fondest hopes were realized, when the...

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“Personally I Like a Guy Who Shaves,” Soap Opera Digest, October 7, 1986

 By Michael Logan Mary Beth Evans is the kind of gal who’d drop everything, move two thousand miles and set up housekeeping with a guy she’d only dated twice. It’s not really as trashy as it sounds.  Evans did wind up marrying the guy and her impulsive, impetuous escape from Los Angeles to Chicago didn’t involve a whole lot of sacrifice.  When romance called, all the would-be actress had to her name was a beat-up car, a barren beach apartment flooded with sea water, and ninety bucks.  Her best friend and roommate, Carrie, who’d been supporting them both by waitressing in a pie house, probably didn’t put up a squawk, either.  “If I hadn’t been drowning,” she laughs, “I might have said to him, ‘Why don’t we just write for a couple of months?’ ” Love, you see, may have blossomed in the Windy City but Evans withered.  She didn’t know a soul and, with Schwartz’s nose permanently buried in his medical school textbooks, Mary Beth recalls, “At first it was like playing house.  Then the reality set in.”  The Pasadena-born performer lost her enthusiasm for acting, turning to waiting tables in a local dive and battled Chicago’s 80 degree below zero wind chill factor.  The town’s get-up-and-go attitude didn’t thrill her, either.  Says Evans, “Everybody there is trying to achieve, achieve, achieve and if you’re not high-pressured and...

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