General Hospital

Katherine and Stefan (Mary Beth Evans & Stephen Nichols)

Daytime TV, July 1998


Passion always reigned supreme between these two dynamic daytime personalities.  Yet, there was always an emotional wall between them that prevented Katherine and Stefan from truly committing to each other.  The feelings they have for each other are genuine, but for months, there was always something holding them back (or someone) from physically committing to each other.  After a slow, seductive romance, Katherine and Stefan finally gave into their feelings and experienced an evening of love like no other—culminating in a relationship and regard for each other that is almost holy.


If it wasn’t scandalous enough to become romantically involved with someone as sneaky and devious as Stefan Cassadine, Katherine also had to deal with the fact that she fell desperately in love with him while he was still married to Bobbie Jones.  Yet, her vehement denial that was, is or can still be involved in any dealings that are other than productive and beneficial to his family puts her in a perilous situation.  After all, the Cassadine clan was never one to foster honesty between themselves, or anyone that dared become an intimate part of their lives.  Add to the fact that thoughts of Laura Spencer, Stefan’s one true love and the mother of his “secret” son Nikolas, continues to consume his mind, their problems only escalate.  After all, Laura was the one woman Stefan held up in the highest regard and when he found she had feet of clay, he hated her as hard as he once loved her.


Quite possibly, Stefan of all people!  He did so once, in the beginnings of their relationship, when he believed Katherine to be his dead sister Natasha and had Katherine firmly believing their relationship was over.  Then, when they did reunite, the passion that burned between them lit up the entire town of Port Charles.  They stood steadfast in their support of Nikolas after his tragic accident and even through the return of Helena to their fold.  But, the one thing a woman can’t compete against is the ghost of a former passionate love.  Katherine has her work cut out for her in that respect—will she believe all that Stefan has declared to her over the past year, or deduce everything as a lie?  And, most of all, what will she do when the ghost from his past is an integral part of his life once again?