The Tangled Web Of Their Tortured Romance And A Look Ahead Towards Tomorrow

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About General Hospital, March 1999

The Beginning…

Katherine and Stefan were never a twosome that had an easy road in their love affair.  Their relationship began when Katherine, looking for Stefan’s nephew Nikolas with whom she had a run-in at her penthouse earlier in the evening, found herself on Spoon Island, the home of the Cassadine family.

Meanwhile, Bobbie, who was married to Stefan, was inconsolable.  That very day, her sister-in-law Laura was to be buried and she was forbidden to attend the funeral by her brother and Laura’s husband, Luke.  On top of that, she had haunting suspicions that her husband was involved somehow in Laura’s death.  Stefan, devastated over the loss of his beloved Laura, whom he called Lasha, went out on the grounds of his home, Wyndemere, to contemplate his feelings.  Sitting alone in the dark, he faced Luke, who was standing over him with a pistol in his hand.  There to avenge his wife’s death, Luke’s angry words had a surprising effect on Stefan—he fell silent.  Then, he asked Luke for the chance to tell his side of the story, the side Luke didn’t know.  Just then, Luke and Laura’s son Lucky appeared and pleased with his father not to seek revenge against his mother, for that wouldn’t be what Laura would have wanted.  Lucky then took the gun out of Luke’s hand and tossed it towards the water.  Stefan, joined by Bobbie stood there as father and son, together in their grief, left Spoon Island.

A Shot In The Dark

Stefan later went to the water to retrieve the gun, which had landed on the rocks instead.  He saw a figure moving in the distance and believed it to be Luke returning for unfinished business.  A shot rang out, but instead of Luke being the figure that fell to the floor, it was Katherine, who had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At the hospital, it was revealed that Katherine was paralyzed from the waist down and also, that she didn’t recall who her assailant was. At first, it was widely believed to be Luke’s gun that fired the deadly shot.  But when Luke’s alibi proved to be airtight, the search for the shooter all but stopped.  Mac, whom Katherine had a relationship with, was a frequent visitor to the bedridden and confused woman.  But, unbeknownst to anyone, another figure drifted nightly into her hospital room, sometimes just to look at her, other times, talking.  That figure was Stefan, guilt-ridden over what he had done.

Love Begins To Blossom

Katherine slowly began to piece together the events that led up to her shooting.  At first, her recollection of her assailant was cloudy but then, as she continued to interact with Stefan, they became much clearer.  Her feelings, for him grew deeper and deeper, despite her better judgment and her involvement with Mac.  When he presented her with a necklace, she knew that their infatuation with each other would be just that.  He was still married to Bobbie and she had the problems of not only Mac wanting her, but Stefan’s nephew (and secret son) Nikolas!

When she was finally released from the hospital under the care of a nurse, Stefan was a continual presence in her life.  He telephones and visited her and it was during one of these meetings that they declared their desire and love for each other.  Their meetings were touching and beautiful, with no pressure from either side to formalize their feelings for one another.

“Let’s Be Close, If Just For Tonight….”

One night, Stefan took Katherine to Wyndemere for a moonlit swim.  When she protested because she had no use of her legs, Stefan convinced her that it would be a wonderful way for them to be closer without her wheelchair.  Bobbie was out of the house, so they had no interruptions.  It was there they shared one of their most passionate kisses.

Bobbie began to grow increasingly suspicious about her husband’s relationship with Katherine.  She later confronted Katherine about her feelings for Stefan, but Katherine denied them.  Realizing the pain their attraction was causing, she ended their relationship and told Stefan they had to stay away from each other.  For months, they did everything in their power to sever all connections, but even during this time, their feelings for each other increased.

A Triumph, A Tragedy

At the Nurse’s Ball, Katherine asked Stefan to be the first one to see her walk.  He was thrilled that she shared that intimate experience with him.  But what he didn’t know was that Bobbie planned to find out what he was really up to in town, as her distrust of him grew.  During one plan, he caught her red-handed and forced her to confess that she had been spying on him.  Although Bobbie insisted she was only trying to find out about his relationship with Katherine, he threw her out of Wyndemere and out of his life forever, but not before Bobbie got the last word in by saying, “If you think I’m a whore, I am a whore you can’t afford!”

Bobbie was barely out the door before Nikolas took matters into his own hands and told Katherine that Stefan and Bobbie had split up.  Katherine paid Stefan a visit and Nikolas began to believe that Stefan had subconsciously been looking for a way out of his marriage all along.

Just when it looked as if this twosome would finally get together as one, in stepped Alexis, who seemed to have a greater stake in Stefan’s happiness that was originally thought.  She was determined to keep Katherine out of Stefan’s life!  Her diabolical scheme was one that could ruin everything for this twosome that had the world at their feet, but happiness was just out of their reach!

A Dastardly Plot

Alexis went to Stefan under the pretense of showing him family photos she uncovered of his father, Mikkos, with a mysterious blonde woman.  Alexis then got herself invited to Katherine’s so she could return the photos she stole of Katherine’s mother.  While there, she manipulated Stefan into seeing the photo of Katherine’s mother in the photo album.

She later got him to admit to the resemblance between Mikkos’ mistress and Katherine’s mother.

Fearing that Katherine would distract Stefan from his goals in Port Charles, Alexis continued her plot to drive them apart.  With this, Stefan vowed to maintain control of his empire by cutting ties to Katherine.  But, even with this action, he still felt strongly towards her.  During this time, it was finally revealed who was working with Alexis on this dastardly plot, the evil Helena.  Alexis warned Stefan that Helena would kill Katherine if their suspicions got out.

My Sister, My Lover

Stefan tried to tell Katherine that she was his sister but she silenced him.  She mistakenly believed he was waiting for her upcoming birthday to make love to her.  While that didn’t happen they did spend that special night together in each other’s arms.  When Katherine awoke, Stefan was gone.  In the meantime, Stefan made a mysterious call to the police and then told Alexis that his relationship with Katherine was about to end and he cemented that promise by telling Katherine that he never really loved her.  He then began a campaign to publicly humiliate her.  A tearful Katherine tried to defend herself against Stefan and later, Alexis, but to no avail.  It was then that Katherine found two unlikely allies in her plight, Bobbie and Luke!

Until Tomorrow Comes….

The future continues to be a cloudy one for Stefan and Katherine.  They share a bond that is tighter than other couples and also, a deep understanding of each other’s needs and wants.  But, what they understand about each other could also lead to their downfall because they know all too well each other’s weaknesses. 

Katherine, a woman who has been defeated before, continues to stand up on her own two feet and be the strong person she always was.  But, the information she learned during her separation from Stefan was devastating!  How and with whom she uses it to her advantage to get ahead as well as win back his love will shock you!

On the other hand, Stefan will be wheeling and dealing, all the time being supported by Alexis, who has a bigger stake in this game of hearts than we even know!  While Stefan finds his life without the challenge of Katherine’s love isn’t as fulfilling as it once was, he channels his energy to being even more destructive that ever before!  What that will do to his already established relationships is yet to be seen and how it will affect his future will be just as remarkable!

Should they be together forever?  Or are they destined to be apart and longing for each other?   Only time will tell for Katherine and Stefan and each holds the one card to change their futures forever.  How they deal their hands is yet to be seen!