A Finger In Many Pies

TV Soap, June 25, 2007

By Robert Waldron

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, pictured) could easily be ranked as one to the busiest women in Daytime.  Besides her role on DAYS, she’s also a judge on the reality TV series I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR and she runs her own business, Mary Beth’s Apple Pie Co.

On I WANNA BE A SOAP STAR, Evans is part of a three-judge panel that also includes DAYS’ Head Writer Hogan Sheffer.

“I got a call to come in and help out with the preliminary judging,” the preliminary judging,” shares Evans on how she landed the job.  “I thought it would be a fun day.”

The opportunity arose shortly after Evans read opposite several actresses who tested for the recast of Kayla’s daughter Stephanie (formerly played by Shayna Rose), which went to Shelly Hennig.  “I really enjoyed that,” she smiles. 

Evans enjoys the chemistry she shares with her fellow judges.  “(Talent manager) Michael Bruno has the edge, Hogan comes from a character point of view and I bring the actor’s perspective,” she points out.  “We make a good team.”

Evans has her finger in another lucrative pie – quite literally.  She began her pie-making business on a dare.

Bases on the positive response she received from family and friends on her apple pie recipe, Evans commented to her husband that she should start selling them and he dared her to start doing it.

The actress composed a flyer and passed it around her neighborhood advertising her ‘I make it, you bake it’ concept.

“I ended up with 100 orders,” she reveals.  “I made the pies and delivered them to everybody’s house myself.  It was the hardest money I ever earned.”

Shortly after completing the initial order, Evans discussed the venture on a TV talk show and received 100 additional orders.