Coif-y Talk

By Russell Patrick Latham

Soap Opera Digest, December 26, 2006

Days Of Our Lives’s Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) isn’t shy about admitting that hair’s a priority.  “My day is always a little off if I don’t take the five minutes to style my hair in the morning,” she says.  She’s our kind of girl.

Soap Opera Digest:  How do you get your Look?

Mary Beth Evans:  It’s all about product and blow drying and spraying and a little more product.  It’s kind of calculated messy.  I do think the way it looks best is if I get all the product together on it, and go driving around in a convertible with the top down.

Digest:  Who styles your hair?

Evans:  I found a guy who gives great cuts!  I have dreams about somebody else cutting it, and I’m like, “Nooooo!”  He cuts it dry.  He’s kind of like a sculptor, like and Edward Scissorhands type of guy.  Byron Williams at Byron Studio [] on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles.  He’s amazing.  I don’t know anyone else who cuts hair like Byron. 

Digest:  Any big hair mistakes?

Evans:  When I was in my late teens, I had to get a perm….I’m kind of impulsive; I had to get it that day.  They fried my hair to the scalp!  Very quickly it broke off to about an inch long.  It looks like a Brillo pad.

Digest:  Does the opposite sex respond better to the long hair or the short?

Evans:  I have never felt a difference.  You know what?  I think so much of it is your “glow,” not your hair length.  When my hair was long, I would always wear it up in a French twist or something.  I always felt dragged down by my longer hair.

Digest:  Any chemical enhancements?

Evans:  I highlight it, and I get a great cut, that’s all.  Oh, I take a little extra time to use nicer shampoos now!  I used to be queen of the junk shampoos.  My girlfriend said, “You spend so much money on your cut and color, why do you use junky shampoo?”  Now I use Kerastase shampoo and conditioner.  It puts the shine back, even though I fry it with the blow-dryer.  I think that the less you have to do, the better…..It’s a fine balance, this beauty thing.