Secrets About Soap Stars Only Their Relatives Know!

                                       Don’t Let Mary Beth Evans Tell You She’s Tired!

Photos by Dianne DePaul

“My children had been taught that they could not go past the property line.  One day I couldn’t find Mary Beth.  So I went up the road, and there was Mary Beth.  She was so tiny, with snow white hair and these huge blue eyes and those lips—(that’s all you ever saw of Mary Beth…the white hair, those eyes and lips).  She had on her brother’s shoes (he’s six years older).  She had on one sister’s plaid pants and she had rolled them up.  She had on another sister’s dress on top of that.  She had a sweater over one arm and she was carrying her suitcase.  Her suitcase happened to have been an empty, unrinsed half-gallon chocolate ice cream carton.  She had that on her other arm like a muff.  The chocolate residue was melting and running down her arm.  She said, “I’m going on a ‘venture mom.’”

“Before she was even two, when she would take her nap, she would wrap a kerchief around her face and lay a certain way so that she would get wrinkles on her face because she felt I could look at her and know that she hadn’t taken a nap if she didn’t have ‘sleep wrinkles.’  She was a funny kid.”   —Dianne DePaul on her daughter Mary Beth Evans (Days of Our Lives)