Looking Into The Future of Patch & Kayla With Days Of Our Lives’ Mary Beth Evans

Soap Opera Update, December  1988

By Allison J. Waldman

Steve and Kayla Johnson are one of the most popular, romantic married couples on the soaps, but their future suddenly looks clouded with intrigues and intricacies from the past. How will daytimes’ Patch and sweetness handle the new twists and turns?  How has Kayla made it through the first year of marriage to Steve, the formerly wayward street dude with the big heart and gentle ways? Stephen Nichols has spoken with you directly in “Candidly Speaking” on the previous page, but what about Mary Beth Evans?  Read on to hear exactly where she stands these days about her favorite DAYS.

SOU:   What’s your reaction to the patch coming off and the entire transformation?

MBE:  Well, I never wanted the patch to come off because I always thought it was a nice symbol that you didn’t have to be the best looking person in the world to be loved, that you should care about yourself.  That part was sad to me, but I always wanted him to have short hair.  But I think it’s a change and you should never be afraid of change.  You should try it.  So in that respect I think it’s positive.  Of course, we’re still sort of in a transformation period.  I still see what I always saw in him, just as it is whenever somebody loves somebody.

SOU:  Do you think the patch should stay off permanently?

MBE:  I don’t know.  I don’t know how they could do it.  I like the patch, and it’s definitely a part of him, but I don’t know if they’ll bring it back, I don’t know how they’ll bring it back if they do.  (Laughs)  You know, they don’t tell us that much about what they’re going to do.

SOU:  We hear that an ex-wife of Steve’s is cropping up in Salem.  How do you feel that will effect Steve and Kayla’s future?

MBE:  Well, I thought when they told us they were bringing on another girl, “Oh dear!”  Then when I found out it was his wife, I couldn’t believe that!  Life is obviously going to become very complicated for us.

SOU:  It seems a bit hard to buy considering the honesty and closeness between your two characters, that he wouldn’t have told her.

MBE:  Yeah, right.  I mean, unless it was so painful, the parting between them and he chose not to bring it up….I don’t know.  It’s hard to say.  They write stories that don’t take into consideration a lot of things.  It’s like the past is created in the future.

SOU:  What future would you write for Steve and Kayla?

MBE:  I’ve always wanted them to be a happily married couple that communicated and did things together which is what we always hoped they would do with us because we wanted to be different than everybody else.  We didn’t always want there to be a problem between us, or not be able to discuss things, because we’re not like that in our real lives with our respective spouses.  We both believe that marriage is a neat thing and I think they have sort of done that with us, time and time again, but not constantly.  I think on a show like this you need spice and things that happen, but it seems like the formula is to separate the people who are in love.

SOU:  Would you want Steve and Kayla to have a baby?

MBE:  Yes, I would, but then every time we have a baby cast on the show; it’s always been somewhat of a problem.  It’s always difficult for the babies.  They cry, they don’t want to be here.  So from an actress’ point of view, it’s difficult.  But romantically, I would love for them to have a baby.

SOU:  Speaking of romance, what did you think about the Gideon and Emily fantasy storyline?

MBE:  I loved doing it, especially the first book.  The second book we did on location and was very difficult to do because of the elements.  It took away a lot from our concentration, but I loved that story.  It thought it was beautiful, romantic, heartfelt.  I like that type of stuff for Patch and Kayla.  I like for them to do stories from the heart, one on one, without all this action adventure.

SOU:  Did you enjoy the opportunity to play another character?

MBE:  I loved it.  I thought the whole thing was wonderful

SOU:  Is there anything you would particularly like to see Patch and Kayla get into, if you had the writer’s ear?  What would you tell them you’d like to try?

MBE:  Hmmm…maybe get out of nursing.  I’d like Kayla to open a high fashion boutique or something.  (Laughs)  No, I don’t know.  First I thought that we should take over Bo and Hope’s detective agency and call it Johnson and Johnson.  It’s funny because nobody ever really works (at their jobs) on the show.  Periodically they do, but….I would just like Kayla to have more comedy, to be able to be a little more lighthearted….The humor in life without everything being so dramatic.  Not a Calliope type, but the human comedy.  Human life humor.

SOU:  How are things going personally, Mary Beth?  How’s your baby?

MBE:  Fabulous.  He’s great, he’s almost two.

SOU:  Time flies.  It seems like only yesterday you were wearing the purse in front of your stomach!

MBE:  I know.  He’s getting big.  He says everything.

SOU:  Is it difficult to balance a home life with a busy work schedule?

MBE:  Yes and no.  It seems to have become my way of life now.  When I work three days a week, which is what I usually average, it’s great.  I have a great housekeeper who adores my son and he adores her so that helps, but you want to be home with your child.  My husband is great.  He’s very involved with our family.  He makes the time and we’re not big socialites.  We like to stay at home.

SOU:  Is there anything that you would like to say, directly to the fans, from your prospective?

MBE:  I’m always happy that they stick with us through lulls in our story that we’re suffering though and the fans are suffering though, from the letters we get.  I think they stick with us and I take my hat off to them because we know it’s frustrating sometimes.  It seems like we’ve been backpeddaling on the show since we got married.  But hopefully now that Anne (Howard Bailey, headwriter) is here, I think our story will be getting better.

SOU:  So your words to the fans are to “Stay tuned, things will be improving?”

MBE:  (Laughing) We hope so!