By Naomi Rabinowitz 

Mary Beth Evans

(ex-Dakota, “Koty” Lane, 1984-85)

“RITUALS was my first show; I can’t believe how long ago that was,” marvels Evans, who went on to play DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Kayla, GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Katherine and AS THE WORLD TURNS’s Sierra.  “God, I must’ve been in my early 20s then.  I just remember it being exciting.”

Particularly since it meant she had steady employment.  “I’d been bumming around, getting movies of the week and guest spots, but nothing that was long-term,” she recalls.  “So, I was excited about not having to get another waitressing job.”

As Koty, Evans was introduced to many soap staples.  “I always joke that the character was a virgin, surrogate mother with a brain tumor,” she chuckles. “She seemed to have every problem you could have on a soap.  I did love Koty’s romance with Brady, though.  Jon Lindstrom [ex-Kevin, GH/PORT CHARLES] took over that part and then I went to work with him over at GH.  I also met Kin Shriner [ex-Mike; Scott, GH/PC] on the show.  He became a life-long friend, and we still keep in touch.  When he was on RITUALS, he was already a big star because of GH, so he helped me out.  He invited me to appear with him on THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW, which was a lot of fun.  Because I got married right after RITUALS, there are some cast members in my wedding photos.  But it was so long ago that I don’t even remember half their names.”

These days, other than making occasional appearances on ATWT.  Evans is content being a stay-at-home mom.  “I have three kids [ages 10, 13 and 16], so it’s a huge job.  I don’t know when I’m going to be going back to WORLD TURNS; usually when I feel it’s been a long time, that’s when they call me.”

As for her first soap experience, “I learned a lot on RITUALS,” she praises.  “It was brief, but fun.  And it began a very nice career for me.”

Photos p. 74 headshot,  Jonathan Exley/PGP, Mary Beth and Jonathan Lindstrom photo uncredited, p. 78 Mary Beth Evans.