Puppy Love

Up Close & Personal

ABC Soaps In Depth, January 26, 1999

What’s it like to meet your former teen idol face-to-face?  Mary Beth Evans (Katherine) found out firsthand last month when she appeared on the new DONNY & MARIE Show.  “I was in love with Donny Osmond forever and ever, so doing the show was just it for me!” says the actress, who giggles that when she finally met the 1970s icon, “I was so nervous, I broke out in hives and turned bright red!”  Now that she’s over her initial nervousness, she admits that she’s relieved her dreams of marrying Osmond never came true.  “He is very sweet, but then, he’s got like six sons, so thank goodness I didn’t marry him,” the actress explains.  “Can you imagine?” Evans says the best part about meeting Osmond was the keepsake he gave her:  an autographed 45 of her favorite old song, “Puppy Love.”  Now, she sighs, “If only I could find my record player.”