Craig and Sierra’s great love affair may be over, but the former marrieds do reunite….sort—of….this week on As the World Turns when their son, Bryant, gets into trouble with the law.

Sierra’s arrival is the real shocker at Lucinda’s surprise birthday party, where Sierra worries about Craig’s questionable influence on Bryant, and later compares notes with sister Lily on their failed marriages.  After Bryant is arrested for stealing money from Java Underground, his manacita springs into action and races to the police station.  There, Sierra and the equally prodigal Lyla pleads with Margo to help them see Bryant.  Sierra then comes face to face with Craig, who comforts her and says they’ll get through the ordeal together—as a family.

Lucinda, of course, will have none of that.  When La Walsh hurls accusations at her errant ex-son-in-law, Sierra steps in and smoothes things over.  “I think they still have a lot of feelings for each other,” suggests Mary Beth Evans (Sierra).  Later, she has a tearful reunion with Bryant, taking the blame for her estranged son’s sudden grim future.

Evans says that being a mother in real life “absolutely” helped her connect with Todd Rotondi (Bryant).  “It’s funny,” she quips.  “When I was on GH, Tyler (Christopher, ex-Nikolas, with whom Katherine had an affair) and Todd are probably the same age.  I kept thinking:  Could I have sons that are this old?”