How do you spend a lazy weekend morning?“Sleeping to 8a.m. is a big, big bonus. I usually like to putter around in my slippers and pajamas, pruning my roses in my backyard with a big cup of coffee [in hand].”

What was the most recent romantic thing you did with your husband?
“[Michael] surprised me on our 10th anniversary. That morning he said, ‘Pack your bags, we’re hopping a plane.’ He didn’t tell me where were going until we got to Santa Fe, where we stayed at a resort and got pampered.”

What magazines do you subscribe to?

“Vanity Fair, Southern Living, and Martha Stewart Living.”

What is the hardest part of being a mom?

“Having to discipline. I really like being the skippy, happy Hollister family; having to discipline them is really tough.”

Photo by Jonathan Exley.