The World’s Most Complete Mary Beth Evans Baby Update

Soap Opera Update, April 9, 1990

Mary Beth Evans (Kayla, DAYS) was 99.9% sure that she would have a girl, and the two names she had been debating between was Samantha Elizabeth and Katherine Elizabeth.  The reason why she was firm about the middle name was that it happens to be the middle name of her life-long friend Carrie Elizabeth Davich, wife of DAYS’ music director Marty Davich (Mary Beth introduced the two).  In fact, Mary Beth even jumped ahead one year in school so she could graduate at the same time as Carrie.

The interesting story about their relationship is that when they were young, Mary Beth and Carrie dreamed that one day Mary Beth would be on the cover of “People” magazine as an actress, and Carrie would have designed the dress she was wearing.  While that dream is yet to be fulfilled, both Mary Beth and Carrie have succeeded in their career pursuits.

And while we are talking about naming babies, few people know that Mary Beth’s brother Rick wanted a little brother – so when Mary Beth was born, as some consolation, their mother let Rick, then in kindergarten, name his new sister.  He picked the name Mary Beth, but later wished he would have picked the name of his girlfriend in kindergarten, Patti.  That Patti now plays JJ on DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Patti Johns.  In fact, Mary Beth and Patti acted in a play together, and when Patti’s boyfriend came from Chicago to see the play, a friend joined him – Michael Schwartz – who is now Mary Beth Evans’ husband.

Mary Beth’s friend Carrie Davich held a baby shower for Mary Beth on February 18, and it was full of baby talk.  Jane Elliot (a new mother) was there, along with pregnant Shelley Curtis and Carrie Davich, who is also expecting.  The day before at the DAYS studio, Mary Beth plowed through 107 pages of dialogue to prepare for at least 8 weeks off from the show — in on-air time, Mary Beth will only be gone for 3 weeks.