What’s It Really Like To Be A Part Of A Super Couple

Soap Opera Magazine, Around March 1992

Mary Beth Evans


“When I first came on, I didn’t know anything about Stephen Nichols, who played Patch, or his character, but we got along great from the start and we still do.  On the show, we worked hard together and we tried to really concentrate on what we were doing; we worked our stories to death.  The thought that keeps coming back is we trusted each other.

“It snowballed; we just became more and more popular.  My mother would call me and tell me I was the number-one actress in some magazine’s poll, and it always surprised me.  I always thought, ‘Who’s watching?’  In my town, where I live, nobody bothers me or says anything, so I don’t get it.  We were very popular as a couple, and it was great when it was happening.  I don’t miss it, but I miss him.

“The hardest part was, after he left the show and my character went on like a real person would if there were a death.  I felt pretty brave about him leaving, but the months before, I was so sad, I would have these crying spells.  At his deathbed scene, it was easy for me to cry because I was sad.  We are such good friends.  But his leaving opened up a whole new opportunity to work with other people on the show.

“I see Stephen quite a lot.  My husband and I just went to his birthday party.  When I had my kids, he came to the hospital to take pictures and brought me a video of everyone from the show saying congratulations.  He’s just always been a wonderful friend to my husband, my kids and me.”