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Mary Beth’s New Hybrid Mom Blog, “How Yoga Changed My Life”

November 26, 2010 / Posted by in News

“As far back as I can remember my mother would fix things herself. A hammer and a screwdriver and she was ready to go.  I have always felt I could do things myself as well. I have painted all the rooms in my house myself, l planted all my plants and am constantly moving things around. My oldest son Danny would often ask me when I had commandeered him to help me move things around, “couldn’t you pick a hobby that didn’t

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“Having a Vision-The Finished Product,” New Hybrid Mom Blog

August 19, 2010 / Posted by in News

“A few weeks ago, I blogged about “Having a Vision” and my friend Marlowe’s ambitious project of renovating a house that is over 100 years old……” http://www.hybridmom.com/blog/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-z5TupgZMA

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New Hybrid Mom Blog, “Work in Progress Update….”

July 8, 2010 / Posted by in News

“Another week of my friends remodel brought some fun ideas for me to share with you…..” http://www.hybridmom.com/blog/

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“Having a Vision,” New Hybrid Mom Blog

July 1, 2010 / Posted by in News

“Last year as the economy was changing a good friend of mine sold the home she and her family had lived in for many years.  I remember when she first showed it to me before buying it….it was such a pit I said “don’t do it.” Luckily she did not listen to me.  They made it a palace and sold it for quite a bit more than they paid for it……”  http://www.hybridmom.com/blog/ Before After

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Diva of Days Interview is Ready for Listening

June 16, 2010 / Posted by in News

Diva of Days interview with Mary Beth is up for listening.  Thanks to Diva for the interview!   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/diva-of-dool/2010/06/16/the-diva-interviews-mary-beth-evans

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“Do It Youself Backyard Retreat,” Mary Beth Evans’ latest Hybrid Mom blog

May 13, 2010 / Posted by in News

“I once moved to a house where in the backyard were a pool and a sort of retro fire pit, very 70’s.  The yard was beautiful but I thought the pit would have to go.  There was no rush since it would entail a jackhammer and some strong guys to get rid of it.  I got busy with the other aspects of the house and never got around to doing anything about it……..”  http://www.hybridmom.com/blog/

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